Forestry Services

Beneficial Tree Care have always worked in both Arboriculture and Forestry.  Through experience we have learnt that both sides of the industry have a lot to offer the other, combining the strength and skill of Forestry, alongside the agility, knowledge and professional approach of arboriculture.  Putting these ideas together we have been able to become multi-functional, experienced and more competent than other contractors but still providing a professional and safe organisation of which our clients can be reliant upon.

Below is a list of some of the types of Forestry work we carry out as both main contractor and sub-contractor:

  • Woodland management
  • Woodland thinning
  • Clear fell
  • Production chipping for biomass
  • Edge tree pruning to aide with mechanical extraction
  • Windblown tree cut off (multi pull)
  • Winching of timber
  • Felling by hand
  • Timber extraction
  • Root extraction
  • Windrowing of brash, stumps and roots
  • Ground clearance ready for replanting
  • Tree planting
  • Forestry paths cleared and maintained
  • Forestry tracks installed or maintained re-stoned
  • Timber turning areas installed or maintained re-stoned
  • Re-establishment of woodland tracks after forestry work
  • Trails constructed and manage
  • Ditching / drainage
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