Utility Arboriculture

Beneficial Tree Care offer Utility Arboriculture helping to ensure that power lines remain clear of vegetation to ensure public safety and continuity of supply.

Our experience and certification enables us to perform tree clearance works with the minimum of inconvenience to our clients and the public. Balancing safe clearance, good arboriculture practice with efficiency, reducing the impact on the local amenity thus being cost affective. This is preformed mechanically with the use of flails, mulcher heads, grabs and crane fed chipping. And then manually with poles, climbers, chainsaws and tracked chippers.
Hawthorne, Blackthorn and others all dealt with mechanically (depending on access), reducing hand injuries to groundsmen.

Beneficial Tree Care + Manual and Mechanical tree clearance = Safe / Productivity

Providing a Professional, Competent and Safe organisation, which our clients can be reliant on.