About us

Beneficial Kiln Dried Firewood is operated by Beneficial Tree Care outside of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. We are committed to conducting all of our activities in the best interest of the Environment.

Supporting local forestry businesses

All of our logs are sourced from sustainable forests based within 100 miles of our West Yorkshire base. Not only does this support fellow small businesses who share our commitment to sustainability, it significantly reduces our carbon footprint by minimising the distance our materials have to travel.

Committed to sustainability

Our logs are kiln dried using renewable energy biomass fuel fed boilers. We encourage efficiency in regards to our non-renewable resources and materials e.g water, electricity and fuels. We also now use environmentally friendly fuel, where possible, and avoid the use of hazardous materials and products. We have also invested in our own solar infrastructure, meaning that our electricity usage is fully offset.

Woodsure Ready to Burn Certified

We are proud to have achieved Woodsure Ready to Burn certification. This mean our logs contain less than 20% moisture resulting in less smoke and more efficient burning. Our kiln dried logs are better for your appliances (heater, stove, oven) as well as your chimney. Plus, because they burn more efficiently than wood with a higher moisture content you'll use fewer logs to generate the same heat.